Coral Company Ltd. is a private Sudanese company; it has been founded in 1980. Coral is  a  leading company in the  Animal production & Agricultural fields in Sudan. Coral seeks to continuous improvement of the agricultural and animal production industry in Sudan by providing the best technologies at distinctive value to our customers through the quality of our team, services, and our suppliers. The company provides all the poultry industry inputs from international companies by supplying a high quality poultry breeds, designing and installation of the poultry houses.

Coral creates the ideal environment for the birds by providing cooling and heating systems, feeding and drinking systems. Coral provides high quality feed consent rates and premixes, vaccines and pharmaceuticals and a wide range of detergents and disinfectants to ensure the safety of the flocks. The company also provides a high quality eggs collection, grading systems and modern technologies of slaughter houses to ensure a high profitability of the product. Coral has played a major role in exhibition industry in Sudan , Coral is the Diamond Sponsor for Sudan Poultry Expo organized by Expo Team since its inception in 2004 , further more Coral signed Diamond Sponsorship with Expo Team for Ethiopia and Chad poultry exhibitions.