Coral (hatcheries and feed production farms) is a Sudanese company established in 1980 as a major (Day Old Chick) producer in Sudan.
Coral selects the best original European poultry breeds to produce high quality layer chicks, it represents ISA Company.

Customer service unit:
- Visits before and after sale to maintain high quality standards.
- On call consultancy and complaints.
- Day old chicks and pullets delivery.


Coral hatchery located at Khartoum Bahry (Alkadaro) about 20 km distance from Khartoum center .The famous Pas Reform technology is used by Coral Farms in incubation and hatching operation. An up-to-date computerized system is used in these modern machines. Currently we produce Three million egg-layer chicks/year and able to produce 15 million broiler day old chicks.