Enhance Ultra High Solids Metalised Emulsion Polish - High Gloss Finish - extremely durable
Easy Strip Emulsion Polish Strippers
Clean & Shine Floor Restorer & Maintainer. Cleans & restores gloss on floors treated with metallised floor finish.
High Class Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner. For mopping or spray cleaning- Walls, floors and all hard Surfaces. Excellent Citrus fragrance.
Peach Fresh Hand and Body Soap with a Refreshing Fragrance.
Clear Concentrated Cleaner for Glass, Mirrors & Stainless Steel
LSP LSP. Liquid Spray Polish for wood & laminates.
Extraction Carpet Shampoo Extraction Carpet Shampoo. For extraction type carpet cleaning machines.
DFE Proxi Spray & Walk Stain Remover and Deodorizer for Carpet & Upholstery
Natural Shine Floor Tile & Grout Cleaner is an environmentally friendly floor cleaner that utilizes Bio-Enzymatic action to provide effective immediate cleaning of ceramic tile flooring and grout. The long term enhanced cleaning and biodegradation of microbes keep your floors spotless and reduces the risk of slip and falls. 
Power Classic  
Dual Ultra  
Bio Soft Duo  
Pro-Fit Deta  
Pro-Fit Deta Protein  
Pro-Fit Deta Color  
Pro-Fit Deta Tint  
Pro-Fit Deta Metal  
Auto Dishwash High Active Low Foaming Auto-Machine Wash Detergent for Very Hard Water Conditions.
Auto Rinse Aid High Active Rinse Aid For Use In All Automatic Washing Machines
LIft Powerful Bactericidal Degreaser for the food industry & Caterers. Ideal for removal of ingrained and tough organic soiling.



Esteem Food Industry Multi Purpose Cleaner & Terminal Disinfectant. Conforms to British & European Standards QAP 100.
Final Touch Highly Perfumed, Bactericidal Multi Purpose
Clean Fast Foaming multi surface cleaner; removes body fat & limescale
E Pine Pine Fragranced, Bactericidal Multi Purpose Cleaner.